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There is this thing someone told me, and it was enough to make me depressed and gone for days. I suddenly felt lost and belonged to nowhere. And the sentence was “Be yourself.” We are so idiot to think we are not good enough and try to be like someone else. We are good enough, actually we are better than we think we are, we are amazing, everyone of us. You feel lost, can’t even figure out what to do in the future. But just be yourself. Think like yourself not like what anybody else would do. Trust me you’ll find it. You’ll find yourself. Maybe not now, not next year, but someday. And that day will come, you’ll figure out how meaningless life is to worry too much. You’ll always find what you are looking for, if you believe in yourself.

Star Watch by Boy_Wonder

By Hel Des

Starry Sky in Our Eyes By yeeship

Walking to the Sun By almonkey | Music

Untitled | by Paolo Morra.

Picking routes ➾ Luke Gram

(by stevesheriw)